Reel Feedback

In conjunction with Animation Collaborative (right across the street from Pixar) Reel Feedback hosted a free animation reel review last night on Oct. 26. The board of reviewers consisted of animators from Tippett Studios and ILM. In addition, Mike Makarewicz (Animation Supervisor from Pixar) was also there answering questions and giving demos on animation.  A very important topic that Mike often talked about was timing. Timing is of the utmost importance, even during the blocking stages for being able to convey an idea and to really sell the shot. Once the timing is down correctly then the rest of animation is "easy", all you would need to do is to fix the posing and add in some more polish;you will know exactly when a character will be in one pose and when he will arrive at the next one. While I, myself, didn't have an animation reel to get feedback on, it was an amazing experience in both learning from Mike and getting to meet various people who either are in the industry or are hoping to get in.