LucasFilm Ltd. - Passion for what you do

A bit weird that I'm only writing this now instead of having it be my first post on the blog but I had other things that I wanted to post so I wasn't able to get to this until now. I think it is important to share what I learned that night and hope to inspire others to maybe start their own blog, whether it be about art, cooking, or even his or her cat, as long as it is something that he or she is passionate about.LucasFilm came to AAU to give a presentation about their internship program, the Jedi Academy. Other than the specific details on applying to their internship, the presenters also bring up some good points that are applicable to other companies. Research the company. Show that you are interested in their company, and what they do. Doing so shows your interest and that you're not treating it just as some stepping stone and that you're planning to go off elsewhere in a few months. Differentiate yourself. Everybody has stuff that they do in class but that's not interesting. Demonstrate your passion in the field, with being involved in things outside of the classroom. Associate yourself in clubs. Volunteer at events, such as SIGGRAPH or CTN. Start a blog.