Pixar Online Library

A few posts back I had written about researching Davide Pesare, a software engineer for Pixar, as someone who inspires me. Another person who I also came up in my research while I was looking for someone to write about was Athena Xenakis. Athena is a shading TD at Pixar. Athena came up in my search when I was looking at the credits list for Ratatouille. One of my favorite Pixar films as it has animals and cooking, I found an abstract of a lecture that she and a group did for SIGGRAPH 2007 on the shading of the food. Unfortunately, other than the abstract I couldn't find much more on her history. Recently I went back to see if I can find more info on either Athena or notes on the lecture presented. In my research I stumbled upon this awesome piece of treasure, the Pixar Online Library. The library contains full papers on the technical achievements of Pixar and each one is just amazing to read through.