The Bounce Project

The Bounce Project Here is a fun collaborative project that brings together a bunch of different people to create a short film of apparently a dancing character. The Bounce Project is an interactive animated short film by Arjun Chatterjee (India), Liu Jing (China), Mariel Sayuno (Philippines), Jennifer Yoo (United States) and YOU! You as in everyone who wants to participate in the project. Like their facebook page to keep updated on the status of the project!

The creators will be making a complete animated film and divide it into frames JPEGs of which will be made available for download. You download an available frame, print, take a picture of yourself holding it and send it back. It will then be composited together and have the animation play but the people holding the paper change in every frame.

Here is a test to get an idea of what it will be like: [vimeo w=403&h=227]