Leo Bugel

I stopped by the Atelier Gallery beside the 79 New Montgomery building last week, as when I passed by, I saw some pretty cool paintings. Having have had to do a lot of oil painting in my undergrad at the University of Washington, I have a new appreciation of such works. It was the works of Leo Bugel that caught my eye.

I had wanted to do a full interview with him, his work, and his process, but unfortunately he has not replied back. Unfortunately I additionally cannot find a lot of information about him around the internet. I will mainly have to talk about his work on its own, which isn't a terrible thing, but I would have loved some additional background info.

One of the points that I love about Leo's work is the tactile quality of it. He works oil paint on boards but the paint is heavily applied on, often with palette knives. The amount creates a very three dimensional texture. As a texturer I love touching things and it was really hard restraining myself to not run my finger across the paintings. What was also beautiful was how he used the tactile property of the paint as strokes to give his painting form and atmosphere. The swirling strokes in the sky made it look like as if there were currents of air and the way he does his trees with simple geometric circles still have layering and variation.

While the subjects are pretty simple, landscape of San Francisco, and while the colors are pretty simple, they are basically solid colors with minimal amount of blending, the paintings are still very complex and detailed. Both the detail to attention of the subject matter and the sense of light conveyed through all his work is beautiful.