CTNX '12 - Day 2

The big day of CTN with so many exciting panels and demos to attend! I woke up at 6am to get ready so that I could stand in line for a fastpass, hoping to be able to get one for the Glen Keane talk. I was so close! I was 10 feet from the table when it was announced that the Glen Keane tickets were all out. So sad. People were apparently lining up since 5am for them. I instead got the fast pass for the Dreamworks talk on Rise of the Guardians.

The first panel to start off this second day was the talent behind Hotel Transylvania. One thing that I loved about the movie, and a topic that the director, Genndy Tartakovsky made a point of is the animation and the application of 2D and 3D. What Genndy wanted was a 2D animation style that really pushed poses with stretch and squash and talking with the riggers and animators, the answer wasn't "no" but rather "we'll try" and they did it. The style was achieved and really pushed the animation of the movie and made it really interesting. 2D is not dead, it is still applicable in the creation of stories that captures people.

I was unable to attend the animation lectures with Mike Makarwicz as I was at the demo with Bobby Chiu. On one side Andreas Deja was doing a demo of 2D animation with Lion King while Bobby Chiu was showing character design. While I love Lion King, the character design is what I came to see. It was amazing. I have read his various tutorials in the magazine ImagineFX but it was a whole new experience and I learned so much from watching him work.

I am so excited for next week when Rise of the Guardians come out. First, I've always liked Jack Frost but getting to hear about movie from a development perspective from the talent behind the movie has me hyped even more. Hamish Grieve, head of story, Gabe Hordos, head of character animation, and Takao Noguchi, character designer, talked.about the creation of each character and really developing the specificity for each so that they're unique in their own way, has a soul that is portrayed, and a core that could be grasped.

There was a sneak peek of Dreamworks' next new film, The Croods. I've been hesitant about this movie for awhile due to the trailers that I've seen portray a bunch of dirty, grimy people living in a cave located in a desolate world. It didn't look very appealing. However, that trailer does the movie no justice. There is a huge.additional part of the movie that takes place in a whole different set that is just fantastical, beautiful, and absolutely amazing.

Glen Keane. The line was ridiculous. People were waiting outside for at least two hours. It did not help that it started raining. Even worse was that about a hundred more VIPs than expected showed up so us people in the general line weren't even sure if we would get in. A lot of us didn't get inside the room but they were able to clear out the lobby and let us watch on the TVs outside. A bit of a disappointment but at least I got to see and hear the talk. The main point of Glen Keane's talk was to think like a child for children have the transparent innocence and imagination that drives each of us to be artists and do what we love.

During a bit of downtime earlier in the afternoon that I had in-between panels I finally broke down and bought a book. It was the wordless comic LOVE - le tigre by Federico Bertolucci and Frederic Brremaud. I've seen posters of the cover up around before and I love it with the tiger but I never seen the actual book until now. Finally getting my hands on the book I had to buy it. Not only is there a tiger but there are also many amazing drawings of other animals. Unfortunately I don't think they are at CTN or else I would have loved to have it autographed.

Coming tomorrow are the panels for Frankenweenie, Paperman, and Wreck-it-Ralph!

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