VFX Oscar Shortlist

The 85th Academy Awards are coming up and the 10 films currently remaining in the list for visual effects have been announced. The list will be shortened down to just 5 titles to be nominated for Oscar consideration and will be announced Thursday, January 10, 2013. The Amazing Spider-Man Cloud Atlas The Dark Knight Rises The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey John Carter Life of Pi The Avengers Prometheus Skyfall Snow White and the Huntsman

Unfortunately I have not seen all the movies so it would be hard for me talk about each one individually but the ones that I would definitely see go through are Cloud Atlas, The Hobbit, and Life of Pi. Cloud Atlas is quite a large and overwhelming project to take on as it crosses through both time and space in six different locations. A lot of effects went into the production of the film but most importantly they were used to drive the story. While The Hobbit hasn't even been released yet, the film is a very strong contender from what we all already know of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Peter Jackson. All three of the LotR films have won in the past and people have high expectations for The Hobbit. Life of Pi was considered one of the many unfilmable book films but Ang Lee has done a beautiful job in directing. With both being shot in stereoscope, beautifully scenery, imposing storms, and realistic animals, Life of Pi has additionally been called the "Avatar" film of the year.

Batman may have to fight for it's position in the top five as it contends along with two films that are not only heavy in effects but also in the same super hero genre. John Carter is an unfortunate circumstance in where the marketing of the film was not done well and not many people even know about the film. I wish I could like Snow White and the Huntsman as it had some beautiful effects with the crows and the liquid gold magic mirror but Kristen Stewart completely ruined the movie and it was agonizing to watch her on screen.

As Dennis Muren says, vfx is there to serve the story and provide emotional effect. It is not about how many vfx shots there are in a film or how much money the film is making in box office. Here is to looking forward to the final 5 nominees of the Oscars and the final film taking the award!