Cartoon Art Museum

I had planned to go to the Cartoon Art Museum yesterday after visiting the Walt Disney Museum but that took a lot longer than I had anticipated. Before I knew it, it was already nearing 6pm, past when the Cartoon Art Museum closes and the Walt Disney Museum would soon be closing. Thus I went today and it was amazing getting to see the Paranorman exhibit and the SketchTravel exhibit. The Paranorman exhibit was really cool to see as it had all the concept art and sheets with notes detailing certain aspects about the characters. While the Cartoon Art Museum did not have the original puppet of the characters, there were plenty of maquettes in poses from the film. It was really cool seeing the figures up close and to analyze how the paint application on them. The set of Norman's house was additionally on display and that was amazing to comb over.  While the actual puppet of Norman wasn't present, one of the face boxes that animators used was on display and that was exciting to look at. I particularly liked how the teeth of tongue were painted with some sort of fine glitter in it which I guessed worked really well as it looks good in the film and gives the mouth a shine without being glossy.

The next part was the SketchTravel exhibit. They had out all 71 drawings from the artists who partook in the project and it was amazing to see the journey, the various artists, and the various styles that went in to the project. Previously I had thought that book was something nice but after seeing the exhibit I had to have it and so I bought one. I'm now kicking myself for not having bought it earlier, especially since there was a signing at CTN.

The rest of the museum was decent. I never really got into reading cartoons other than Calvin and Hobbes so a lot of them didn't interest me as much. I was so excited that the museum and a print of Calvin and Hobbes gifted from Bill Watterson