Andreas Deja - Mushka

Lion King is one of my favorite movies ever. However, I have always wanted a movie about tigers outside of The Tigger Movie. While not quite a full featured length movie, Andreas Deja is currently working on a short set in Russia involving a girl named Sarah and a tiger named Mushka. Recently, on his blog Deja Vu, Andreas has posted his concept sketches and a teaser of what he is working on. The drawings are fantastic and the tiger cub adorable.  An interesting style, Andreas is planning to use color pencil for color to retain a drawn look and to keep the hand of the artist in the animation instead of going with digital ink.  I love it, but of course, as is mentioned on his blog, there will need to be testing done and for the coloring to be carefully applied to reduce flickering between frames.

I am so envious that Andreas got to go see some tiger cubs at the LA zoo and sketch them. Unfortunately when I've went to the zoo for sketching, the tiger tends to be far off in the distance on a cliff and generally just lying around. Hopefully one day I will be able to get up close and personal with a real tiger!

I am extremely looking forward to seeing the final piece! [youtube]