League of Legends Preseason Three Digi-Art Throwdown Contest

Riot, for League of Legends, has called for all digital artists to take up their styli and partake in an grand contest filled with amazingly fabulous prizes! Riot is looking for entries that depict a champion with a season 3 item preparing for battle. Take up your styli draw, and be sure to have your entry submitted by February 8th, 2013, 11:59pm. Read the full rules and guidelines.

Some rules: -Must include at least one champion and one new Season Three item -Needs to be 300 dpi, at least 3000 pixels in either height or width, and exported at a quality setting of 8 or higher

Those amazingly fabulous prizes: Two grand prize winners will receive: A Wacom Cintiq 22HD pen display 15,000 RP Five runner-up winners will receive: A Wacom Cintiq 12WX pen display 10,000 RP Ten honorable mention winners will receive: A Wacom Bamboo Create pen tablet 8,000 RP Every winner will also receive a League of Legends drawstring bag containing: A Riot Games artist smudge guard glove A Teemo hat A Baron Nashor t-shirt A Quintessence lapel pin A Rammus “OK” League of Legends wristband A League of Legends Lanyard A “Bananas OP” foam banana

Holy crap. Riot is giving Wacom tablets as prizes, and not just any tablet but a Cintiq! I am still using a little blue Bamboo Fun that I got as a present quite a few years back so any of the prizes here would be a great upgrade, but a Cintiq is probably the most amazing and invaluable piece of hardware that a digital artist could have. Not only are the prizes great but I am also thinking of the possible opportunities. If your artwork is good enough, Riot might contact you for the highres file of the artwork so that it could be printed and hung up in their office. Additionally, as a digital artist, winning such a competition could not at all hurt in getting your name out there and known, and I am not at all opposed to working for Riot.

I am looking forward to working on my entry, I have a few compositional ideas in my head. I have been practicing my painting over semester break and I believe that I have gotten better. I don't know how much of a chance that I have of winning, there are many very talented digital artists around the world and I am even expecting some entries from professionals, but I will try and at the least it will be good practice and experience towards my 10,000 hours.