Teen Titans Go!

I'm not extremely into super heroes as I didn't really grow up with them as a child. My parents deemed the cartoons, such as Batman, for me to watch and instead I had a nice collection of Disney movies on VHS. When I first really got into super heroes it was with X-Men but that was mainly with the movie and I had not actually read any of the comic until recently. The TV show Teen Titans was a favorite of mine, and while it has ended, I now have Young Justice to watch. Unfortunately Young Justicenis getting canceled after they finish up this second season and instead Teen Titans Go! will be coming. As a fan of Teen Titans, I'm excited for it, even if it's more of a comedy of everyday life rather than super hero action.

Somewhat unfortunate is that the show will be produced using Flash animation and that is not quite my favorite of style. I dislike Flash animation due to the somewhat lack of fluidity in both animation and posing. Most often, Flash animation is done with a 2D rigged character that has a set of different body parts that can be swapped in and out as needed for specific actions. This limits the fluidity of motion as animators will have to use only what is given to them and just sort of bypass any other motion in between that they cannot get. Turning around, for example, probably would not have more than 2 or 3 poses in between the key frames. I also find that the posing tends to be stiffer as poses don't quite flow into one another as well. With the extremely flat two dimensional space, the camera will tend to be kept very static with a horizon line right at the middle; there will be a lack of interesting camera shots such as dutch angles.

Other than possible aesthetic reasons for doing it in a Flash animation style, I imagine that another reason may be for production cost. Flash would be a cheaper method of animating with a quicker turnaround period than having a full animation staff with those that draw the key poses, inbetweeners, clean up artists, and ink and paint.

While the producer, Michael Jelenic, understands that some people may be concerned for what they may find in the show, he does promise that the show will be a pleasant surprise, so here is still to looking forward to Teen Titans Go!