Jobs in the Industry

The animation industry has been in quite a turmoil with the loss of jobs occurring all over the place; Digital Domain Florida failing to start up, Dreamworks layoffs, the bankruptcy of Rhythm and Hues, and now, due to the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, layoffs are happening at LucasFilm Animation. It must be remembered that this is somewhat just part of the hazards of the industry, with many hires being project based, but with all these sudden loss of jobs it can be very tough and disheartening to hear about. There is a great post by Chris Oatley on the current situation that he writes to encourage and gives hope to artists in the industry and those aspiring to be.

To summarize, for artists in the industry, you are awesome. You got to be where you were because you were awesome and talented. There might be some struggle ahead but you will pull through.

For aspiring artists, "when in doubt, draw". The industry rewards hard work and persistence so don't give up and continue pursuing mastery