Advantageous: The Feature Kickstarter

Not something that I am working on, but a film that is being directed by the same person who is directing Glass Butterfly, Jennifer Phang, which I have worked on. Advantageous is a short sci-fi film about a mother and daughter surviving together in 2041 as the mother must decide whether or not to undergo a radical medical procedure in order to keep her lucrative job and give her daughter her only chance for a better future. Originally developed for ITVS' mini-narrative series Futurestates then screened across the country and won many awards and accolades, Advantageous is now looking to expanded into a featured film. To do so, a Kickstarter was begun and the project is very close to its goal of $30,000 and so could use some help! Support the film, vfx artists, or both and it would be greatly appreciated!

As a SAG ultra low budget feature, Advantageous faces similar challenges as other independent filmmakers trying to reconcile artistic vision with resources.

Through the short film’s awards and accolades, Advantageous has raised some initial money for pre-production and has been gathering speed into production. The money will be used to ensure that the incredible film will be produced, and to support the exceptional cast and crew who are sharing their energy and passion already with the film. As a micro-budget some of the costs include:

- Production insurance - Transportation and fuel costs for cast, crew and equipment - Paying ultra-low-budget SAG rates for the cast - Feeding the crew and cast

The money will be used to create, produce and deliver a powerful narrative that will hopefully provoke and inspire audiences to rethink the world.

[youtube=] Here is the original episode and the story while is sad and frightening is also beautiful and thought provoking.

Update: Advantageous has reached their goal of $30,000 on Kickstarter! Yay! As there is still some time left, 2 new stretch goals have been added to further promote the film and to make it even more awesome. First is to reach 750+ supporters and the second is to reach $40,000 in order to further support the efforts of the talented young artists on the visual effects side and in the art and wardrobe department.