Best Pixar Movies Chosen by Children

Beginning with Disney's Snow White, animated films weren't originally meant to be solely aimed at amusing children which is something that I really like as it opens up stories to contain some very serious elements and topics. It was an unfortunate period in the history of animation, with the fall of the golden age, animation went to TV and people would sit their children in front of the TV and use it as a babysitter thus devaluing animation into mere cartoons to amuse children. I'm glad to see animation and vfx back on the rise with but sometimes there is still the "cartoons are for kids" mentality so it is interesting to see what children think of the movies in comparison to the critics. Graphed by Rotten Tomatoes, Forrest Wickman analyzes and writes about on the differentiation between critics and children rating Pixar movies. It is fascinating to see while critics have been rating Pixar movies on a downward trend, children find it the opposite with the trend going up. It is also adorable to see what the children have to say about each movie, why the liked or didn't like it. For me, my favorite movies are Toy Story 3 and Ratatouille. I really liked the very first Toy Story when I first watched it as a child, albeit it Sid's room and the malformed toys were extremely creepy. I lived my childhood around that movie, playing imaginary games with all my stuffed animals as they go on adventures. I then proceeded to grow up along with Toy Story 2 and then 3. I was already in the junior year of college when Toy Story 3 came out and it was just amazing for me as there was a real connection between myself, Andy, and the character Andy. Ratatouille quickly became another strong favorite as the two other things that I enjoy in my life other than art is animals and cooking/baking. While rats may not be the cutest of animals, the characters were appealing  and I love Gustov's line "Anyone can cook".

I will say though that the Pixar Shorts that go before each movie is definitely on an upward trend, getting better and better. I remember my very first favorite was Geri's Game as I thought it was so amusing to see a person play a very heated game of chess with himself. While I liked Presto, Partly Cloudy, and Day and Night, my current favorite, while Blue Umbrella is amazing, is La Luna.