Wacom Cintiq Companion Tablet

My body is ready but my wallet is not. Story of my life! Previously I had bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I was loving it. I was taking all my notes for class on it, watching videos, drawing on the go, and getting back into reading. Unfortunately I was mugged back in April while coming home from the labs late one night so my poor tablet, along with a few other things, are now gone and never to be seen again. Since then I have heard Wacom whispering about creating an actual Windows 8 tablet and I was so excited. It was suppose to come out mid-summer but was delayed and the news about the tablet has been finally released this Monday!

This thing is absolutely beautiful. 13.3in 1920x1080px HD resolution; a full Pro Pen, which means tilt and rotation for brushes which is lacking on my poor Bamboo's stylus; the only tablet that I currently know of with a full 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity which is drool worthy; Intel Corei-7-3517U processor and Intel HD Graphics 4000 which are powerful to run Windows 8 as a full computer and to fluidly run programs fluidly which is what I found lacking in the Kupa Ultranote. Unfortunately this tablet comes at a $2000 price tag for the 256GB version and $2500 for the 526GB version. The price is comparable to the their full Cintiq tablets but is unfortunately not something everyone, especially me, would just have lying around ready to drop. I was really bummed out when I saw the price tag; $2000 is ridiculously expensive. If the tablet was at $1500 I would grimace and be indecisive about it, particularly as the Microsoft Surface Pro is $1000, and then ultimately sadly give up, but at $2000 I would just have to despair right from the beginning and hope that maybe someday in the future, after I get a job, I would gather enough money to buy one. I can also see why the price is at $2000. Wacom wasn't really making a tablet, what they made instead is a mobile version of their Cintiqs. Wacom does offer a Companion Hybrid but those are Android based systems and at $1500 I don't find them particularly worth it, as what I really want is a tablet to replace my now 9 year old desktop. If I was just going to get another Android Tablet I would just buy another Galaxy Tab, which last I checked, has it's price decreased down to $380.

We've seen the decline of desktops as people move to laptops and I would love to see the rise of tablets used in heavy computing. One such area that I am interested to see the development of is games. Mobile games have become a big hit in the market but they have mostly consisted of idle games for people to play as they pass time while on a bus or such. However, with tablets functioning as full computers I would love to see how the video game industry will change as games may be modified to fit the alternate usage of screen interaction. Just as a starting point, I am, or at least was back when I had time, an avid MMORPG gamer and one day I realized how nice it would be to instead of sitting at a desk, hunched over a keyboard and mouse, to play my MMO on a tablet. It is an easy enough concept as they can already be basically played with just a mouse. With that same system, just tap on the screen where you would like your character to move and then the player could directly tap on the icons in the hotkey bar to use any skills.  I have already seen some mobile games become extravagant with full 3D models interacting in a 3D world so I could see full video games on tablets become a new method of interacting and playing.