AAU Fall Festival - Fall Festival and ILM Industry Panel

The final day of Fall Festival is final here and over. I am done with this week; byeee. Starting two and a half weeks ago I have troubleshot, lit, and composited ten shots in order to create a trailer for today's Fall Festival. After that stressful period of time I have this week of running around going to all the events. I will have a little bit of breathing room before I run off to CTN next week! Fall Festival began with trailers of the various collaborative projects and the one that I was working on is called Umbra, by Cal Williams. A slightly rushed job but will only get better as we go further into production of the full short film! Another project that I am on is called Crows, a VFX music video by Ilgi Candar, where I worked on crystal shaders. Unfortunately the trailer for it isn't on the internet yet. [vimeo https://vimeo.com/78397577]

For the ILM panel, Nick Walker, layout artist and cinematographer, and Derrick Carlin, animator, showed and talked about their experience of working on Pacific Rim using the keynote that ILM showed at SIGGRAPH as a base. I actually have not seen the movie yet but now I want to as the giant monsters look really cool. Unfortunately the presentation was mainly visual so there's not a lot that I can share here. There was a lot of talk about layout and figuring out technical issues such as scale and speed. For scale there are issues such as how the textures for the giant monsters will look and also how rain and water will look in comparison. Water is tricky in that it doesn't scale well and using miniatures to simulate water can look incorrect when composited in together with the rest of a shot. With how large the monsters and robots move, speed is something to keep in mind to create believable action. A little secret that was mentioned is that ILM is working on a fairy movie that is a musical. Nick likes the giant robots and monsters genre and doesn't care for the movie but hearing musical and fairies has me extremely excited.

There was an exciting raffle whereupon I won a plush toy of Sully from Monsters Inc/University. Love it. While Randall may have been my favorite monster in terms of coolness, my favorite character is Sully, even more so since Monsters U since I felt a greater relation and similarity to him. I love plush toys, they're so cute and soft. Having gone to all the panels this week I had a lot of raffle tickets and so I also won a $25 gift card for art supplies. I actually had a third prize which I gave up since I already won two and it was slightly awkward since I was up on the stage helping the drawing of the raffle.