Frog Bar

I've been slacking. School has been super stressful although it has only been two weeks. I was so excited that a number of the films I worked on from last semester finished so that I was able to take this semester easier and to focus on my own stuff but I somehow have a giant pile of work to do already. I do have some more fun and informative posts planned but before I go into that, here is a film that is currently in their crowdfunding process that could use your support to make it a success. Frog Bar is a stop motion animation short film about a frog bus boy working at a bar occupied by low-life patrons.  Two of these patrons are mob bosses making a black-market trade, escorted by their henchmen. One of the mob bosses has a beautiful frog girl with him, known as "the Mol". When the bus boy sees the Mol, he's stopped in his tracks, mesmerized by her toad-ish beauty. The bus boy whisks her out onto the dance floor, but there's one problem... the Mol is wearing half of the black market trade...

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[vimeo 105528718 w=500 h=281] Stop motion animation unfortunately tends to be expensive to make as it requires a lot of physical materials such as lights, cameras, and having to build actual sets and puppets. Thousands of dollars, spent out of pocket by the core Frog Bar team, have gone into preproduction and asset creation to get where they are now, and now they need your help to finish the film.

There are a bunch of cool perks that you can get for donating towards the Indiegogo campaign! Even if you can't help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, or wherever. Reach out to friends, family, co-works, long lost friends, your high school sweetheart, etc.

Before you go, here's a teaser trailer! [vimeo 98610744 w=500 h=281]