Big Hero 6 Review

This is way long overdue. I originally watched Big Hero 6 back when it first came out but life was hectic and I never got to talk about it. Today I was planning on going to see Selma since I got an early screening pass but the theater filled up before I could get in. I wasn't too bummed out since I saw that Big Hero 6 was still playing at the theater and I was way more excited to see that again.

I had almost forgotten that Feast played in front of Big Hero 6 so I got really excited when it came on. I had already seen a rough cut prior to the full release and then once again the first time I saw Big Hero 6. When I saw it in front of the movie, for some reason I had felt that Feast played somewhat faster, as in a shot or two might have been cut, than what I originally saw. It was mainly in the beginning when the man and the woman gradually fall out of their relationship. Now that I saw it again I didn't feel that as much, particularly as I was able to focus on what was going on in the background instead of Winston, the dog, and his food. Other things that I really enjoyed was the visual storytelling. The color green was used so well as it being associated the woman and unwanted foods, but then turns around at the end with the baby on a green chair. I loved the shot with Winston opening his mouth wide and we get a shot down his throat during the football game and is then mimicked again when the baby drops the meatball.

Big Hero 6. I loved it the first time. It was hilarious and also so sad. All the feels! I felt them all again watching it this second time around. During the scene where Hiro is first introduced to Baymax and had to say "I am satisfied with my care" I already lost it and was crying.

I am also currently obsessed with finding a San Fransokyo hat like the one that Tadashi has. If anyone knows where I can get one, let me know!

The skin texture/shading/material is so interesting that I kept looking at it throughout the movie. They're stylized and simplistic and different than what I'm used to doing. The skin is smooth and there's some beautiful color variations with blush and lights and darks which makes it interesting to look at but not overly detailed. Generally for skin I've always had to use a speckle in the specular map and a noise in the bump to give it that skin texture with pores look.

Lighting. Disney has their new Hyperion render engine and I've read a few articles about it and it sounds awesome. More importantly though is that some seem to claim that with Hyperion only a primary light source is needed to light the entire scene of Big Hero 6 and then everything else is left to the render engine to calculate global illumination. I'm not quite sure how true that is as there were a lot of light sources in each scene in and there were clearly primary and secondary lights; otherwise it wouldn't be possible to have both a specular highlight in the eye and a rim light coming from behind. It would probably be more accurate to say that the amount of lights necessary to light a shot has dramatically been decreased and more calculations are handled by the render engine which in turn also decreases some inconsistency of light and color between shots.

Generally I cringe at the thought of sequels but I really want to see a sequel to Big Hero 6!