Aria for a Cow @ CTNx 2015

Aria for a Cow has been making headlines with qualifying for Oscar nominations and Aria is still making her way around the world to sing her song. Her next big stop is at the International Short Film Festival in Berlin.  For those of us who aren't in that vicinity, Aria will be making a very special and very big appearance at CTN this year!

As one of the artist who worked on bringing the short to life, I, along with other members of the crew, will join the event during the evening with the director, Dan Lund, in sharing our experiences.

If you're coming to CTN be sure to stick around during the evening as it is a very big event planned! There's going to be a "red carpet" pre-party and a live piano performance. Join John Musker as he emcees the discussion and watch the film that has people tipping over with glee. The night's not finished yet as there will be a "cowbaret" party to close off the evening filled with songs, costumes, props, and more, so be sure to warm up those vocal chords!