CTNx 2015

This is my 4th year now at CTN.

CTN was felt quite different for me this year. First, I got to be involved with a panel, "Creative Freedom Through Music and Animation" featuring Aria for a Cow, and this was the first year where I am no longer a student and not frantically trying to find people who are hiring. Instead, I got to enjoy the exhibit floor and talk to people for the purpose of chatting without an implicit ulterior motive of finding a job. 

While we had received news earlier that Aria didn't make the short list for Oscar nominations, we didn't let that ruin our night and the panel turned out great. We heard some amazing stories and everyone seemed to enjoy the film and our party! The night before, on Thursday, we all recorded short and quick videos on our phones, thanking Dan, to be quickly cut together by Amos, so we got Dan to tear up again in front of everyone.

Once again, I found some amazing tiger artwork!

Some swag and other pictures

Got to visit Riot Games!

Saw my favorite artist and fellow tiger buddy, Tori Davis, again! She didn't have anything to sell but she still had a booth just to see and hangout with people which is amazing. She even thought of me and got me a present; a little Lego tiger who now sits with me at work. <3

A panorama photo of the ridiculousness and fire hazard, but well warranted, of people coming to listen to Eric Goldberg talk and do a live drawing.

Having dinner with my Seattle friends. We had another get together the next evening and I actually teared up a little thinking about how we've grown. These were the people that I got into and got excited about animation with. Then I graduated and went down to SF for grad school. 2012 was my first year at CTN and I had such an amazing experience that when I went back up to Seattle in May for a visit and to see the following year's capstone project that I told them all about CTN. In 2013 I got 5 of my friends to come and join me at CTN. In 2014 my teacher, Barbara Mones, also came down along with a few more members of the following capstone. Now, here in 2015, when we had our get together Saturday evening I saw that there was a good almost 20 some of us now attending and we plan for our CTN trip to be an annual event. To think it all started with me back in 2012 and then journeying up a few months later to catch up over lunch :')

Also with some extra people photobombing our picture

Also with some extra people photobombing our picture

Two people that I would love to see at CTN with a booth would be Julia Blattman and Ross Tran! Also, for Chris Sanders to come back.