Reset Maya UI Positions

One of the most annoying thing about working across different computers with Maya is that the not all the computer screens have the same resolution and thus if you save your file with a window in a bad position, on a different computer you won't be able to find it again.

The quick solution is to delete your Maya preferences to reset everything but I hate doing that since I have quite a few things set up. Luckily there is a mel script that you can run that just resets the stored UI positions!

Original script by "Stefan", found on Autodesk Maya Feedback Forums.

string $openWindows[] = `lsUI -windows`;
for ($i=0; $i < size ($openWindows);$i++) 

if ($openWindows[$i] != "MayaWindow" && $openWindows[$i] != "scriptEditorPanel1Window") 

deleteUI $openWindows[$i]; 
windowPref -remove $openWindows[$i];