Aria for a Cow - That's a wrap!

This actually happened back in April and early May but I haven't gotten a chance until now to go through the photos. Now, yay!

I talked about Aria awhile back as one of the projects I was working on. For a refresher, Aria for a Cow, directed by Disney's Dan Lund, is a CG animated musical short film based on an unreleased song by the Oscar winning team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (Little Shop of Horrors, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin).

I started working on this film back in the summer of 2014 through until around February-ish 2015. Now the film has finished and it is going around the festival circuit! We premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival and next Aria will be going to the Palm Springs International Shorts Fest (June 16-22) and also Anima Mundi in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro: July 10-15, Sao Paulo July 17-22). Hopefully Aria can make her way up to Seattle as I would love to show my friends whom I've started on this animation and vfx journey with some of what I have accomplished.

In addition to our amazing wrap party, as part of SIFF to promote our film we got to go to ILM with Dan as he gave a keynote on his process of creating Aria for a Cow. It was amazing getting to see Dan's journey and all the behind the scenes that I didn't know about before. Such as Melissa McCarthy, whom I adore, being the inspiration for Aria!

At the wrap party, not only did I get to meet all the other crew members again, but I got to finally meet Jen Coyne and  mare Aehlich, who were responsible for getting us all our social media and publicity, and Kate Pazakis, the voice of Aria. She gave us an amazing live performance and the wrap party was a blast!

During this time was the first time that I actually saw the finished version of the film. It looks amazing and beautiful! While I was working I was just focusing on my own shots and making them the best that they could be. I didn't even get to composite all my own shots so I never knew what happened to them afterwards. Everything came together superbly. What's actually extremely amusing to me is that one of my shots that I was extremely frustrated with due to issues with the shot and the insane render times is tends to be the shot that is showcased. Very few people know how exhausted and frustrated I was with that shot and it was probably the first time I cried over one of my works.

Massive thank you to Dan Lund and Siddhartha Maganti for having me on this project, Amos Sussigan for being an amazing art director, Dharmin Doshi for putting up with all my crying about how everything is broken and then fixing it, and Bonnie and Clyde (Dan's dogs) for being adorable and giving me all the hugs.