Animation Show of Shows Kickstarter

The Animation Show of Shows is one of my favorite screenings. Ron Diamond travels around the world and takes impressive short films, that may not be easily seen due to lack of distribution, and shares them with other enthusiasts of the animation medium. It is always eye opening to see what others are doing in this field, not just with narrative storytelling but also with just using animation as an art form to purely express.

Now, a not-for-profit organization, a 501(c) 3 that's registered with California and the IRS, has been created to further expand the audiences for the animated films to further foster an appreciation and awareness for them through sharing, preserving, and restoring animated short films.

To do so, the Animation Show of Shows is looking for help through their Kickstarter campaign at A minimum goal of $100,000 is set which will fund the first segment of an expanded program to entertain and reach people outside the animation community. It will cost about $249,000 to fully fund a comprehensive series of documentaries in 2015 about the featured animators. The ultimate goal is to create new distribution channels to bring the best animated shorts to large screens, where they were meant to be viewed.