Whooo~ Here is another one of the short films that I worked on last year and now it's finally online for everyone to watch!

I worked briefly as the texture and lighting lead for the show before I graduated from Academy of Art and had to go off into the real world and try to adult.

KNOB written and directed by Hans Tsai. The story is about a germaphobe, Nigel, being stuck in the filthy restroom of the company that he is about to have a job interview. Nigel needs to escape the restroom in order to make it to his interview on time.

I was actually in the same pre-production class as Hans. It was a gross and hilarious concept and we all loved the story he pitched! It was really interesting to know the backstory of how he came up with this short film. Prior to coming to AAU, he was actually a nurse back in Taiwan and so he really knows and understands the importance of cleanliness.