The 18th Annual Animation Show of Shows

...not yet

ASoS is looking to come back for its 18th but is looking for help!

I've posted about the screening to ASoS before so if you still haven't gone to one you're missing out. Not only do you get to see some shorts from acclaimed studios (La Luna from Pixar prior to public release, as an example) but you get to see shorts from all over the world! What I find the most interesting is how some people don't necessarily use animation to tell a linear story but rather as an art form to merely convey.

The 17 th Annual Animation Show of Shows showcase of 11 shorts and 4 mini portrait documentaries was presented in 47 public theaters in 4 countries. Lets help spread the joy of animation to even more places and even more people when Animation Show of Shows comes back in September!

Click the link above to go to their Kickstarter page! Donate if you can, and get some awesome perks while you're at it. If you can't, help spread the word and get more people involved!