WWDC - Painting the Future - Mari Demo

Mari, is an amazing program for texture artists. Simply and often described, Mari is if Mudbox and Photoshop had a baby. What I have found to be so aggravating about Mudbox is the lack of brushes to use when painting. All I get is a round brush which is hard to get any natural details with and having to paint through stencils isn't very intuitive at times. While Photoshop has all the beautiful brushes and even more, unfortunately it is not the best 3D painting tool as the issue of seams and UV texture stretching arise. This is why Mari is so amazing and it is so exciting to see it gradually becoming industry standard. AAU has it installed on the computers and I really want to spend some time to learn it. Unfortunately it hasn't become a standard for us at school yet as it is too intense for most of our purposes and with Mudbox we don't have to worry about having to learn a new program with its own learning curve. Now that Mari is coming to the Mac, at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference The Foundry's Jack Greasley and Pixar's Jonathan Hoffman gave a demo on the program with characters from the movie Monsters University. Not only was Mari itself amazing but getting to see a Pixar artist work was inspiring and Jonathan Hoffman gave a very good talk of what a texture artist is and how texture artists work. [youtube]