Bounce Project

Update on the Bounce Project

The Bounce Project is now live! Read more about it on their website. I love the description that they have on the project. "The Bounce Project is an interactive animation wherein interactivity is focused within production. The project aims to connect individuals in the same way frames connect to make an animation such that the whole is greater than each individual part." One thing that I love about animation is the collaboration aspect of it as everyone in production is focused on the one goal of doing the best that they can in creating a great film. From the production of a short film that I had worked on previously, we were not just people getting together to work on a project but we really all came together and became friends. We laughed, griped, sang, banged our heads against the walls, and danced together. It really was a connection with each person and the Bounce Project is touching into that in bringing people all across the globe together.

The thing being animated is a small character, that is quite cute, dancing to a song. The song is "Escapee" by Architecture in Helsinki. The song has a fun upbeat tune and it totally matches the character for the Bounce Project.

Not only is the Bounce Project interesting and fun, it is extremely easy to do so there is no reason not to join in. Invite your friends also! Simply go to their website, choose a frame, download it, print it out, take a picture of yourself holding it up, and send it back. Stand out, do a wacky pose, be in a crazy place, take it by yourself or get all your friends together. Have fun! Make sure to check out the simple rules of keeping the frame in the center though.

The Bounce Project

The Bounce Project Here is a fun collaborative project that brings together a bunch of different people to create a short film of apparently a dancing character. The Bounce Project is an interactive animated short film by Arjun Chatterjee (India), Liu Jing (China), Mariel Sayuno (Philippines), Jennifer Yoo (United States) and YOU! You as in everyone who wants to participate in the project. Like their facebook page to keep updated on the status of the project!

The creators will be making a complete animated film and divide it into frames JPEGs of which will be made available for download. You download an available frame, print, take a picture of yourself holding it and send it back. It will then be composited together and have the animation play but the people holding the paper change in every frame.

Here is a test to get an idea of what it will be like: [vimeo w=403&h=227]