Inspire Day

Disney Animation Inspire Day 2013

I got to go to Inspire Days last year and it was amazing. I was waiting for it to happen again this year but as February passed, when it happened last year when I went, I was disappointed that it seems to not be happening again this year. That is until I saw this application thing being posted up and I was all excited. Inspire Day is an amazing day at the Disney Animation studio where you get a tour of the studio, a special lecture, some reel reviews, have lunch with the employees, and get sneak peeks about Disney's next upcoming film. Eric Goldberg came to give us a lecture on appeal and I got to see early artwork and animation tests for Wreck-it-Ralph, some of their amazing proprietary software and an early screening of Paperman. More importantly, after going to Inspire Day, in my mind Disney Animation has become a studio that I would love to work at. Before that point, Disney in my mind mainly consisted of their 2D animated movies and their live action movies; Tangled had already come out but I didn't know where Disney was going to go after that. Going to Inspire Day let me see the path that Disney was going and all the really awesome cool things that they are doing and further developing. It does happen in a somewhat awkward time right in the middle of a semester/quarter but it is worth it and since you're down there take an extra day off and have fun at Disneyland!