2 Awesome Rigs and Dynamics

Here are some awesome things that people should look into! ZV Dynamics 2.0 is an awesome plugin that you can get for Maya, and it's free! Developed by Paolo Dominici, a character TD at Animal Logic, the script adds inertial behavior to transform nodes. Some really awesome behaviors that is demonstrated in the video is real time liquid dynamics, easy squash and stretch of characters, and fluid camera controls. Don't forget to check out some of his other stuff! The radial blendshape script looks awesome and the application on facial expressions is amazing. [youtube]

Norman, Morpheus, Bishop, ect are all popular rigs that have been used often and has appeared often on many reels. They are good rigs and easy to use to allow animators to go right into doing what they do best instead of trying to go through the process of modeling and rigging an something completely new. However, as those in the industry have seen these rigs thousands upon thousands of times it may be hard to differentiate  yourself if your reel looks similar to everyone else's. Well here is another rig, Bonnie, that can be tried out and it looks really nice! Created by Josh Sobel, the rig boasts of an advance body rig and expressive facial deformations. [vimeo w=500&h=281]

Morpheus 2.0! Developed by CGMonks, they started a kickstarter project to fund the creation of version 2.0 to the already classic and popular animation rig. They have reached their goal 4 days ago so hopefully development is well underway. They've taken feedback from users and are looking to not only update the mesh and rig but to increase accessibility and customization.[vimeo 51639845 w=400 h=300]