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Young Animator Training Project

In 2010, the Japanese Animation Creators Association (JAniCA) started a project called the Young Animator Training Project to train young animators over the course of a year. A reason to such an initiative was that much of the Japanese animation industry was being outsourced overseas, such as to China. The animators in training are given an incredible opportunity to work with large studios, such as Madhouse, Gonzo, and Production I.G., to create a 24 minute original short. With only a 38 million yen budget (approximately $400,000) the works that I have seen them put out are really amazing. Project A (2010) Kizuna Ichigeki - Ascension The Old Man's Lamp - Telecom Animation Film Banno Yasai Ninninman - P.A. Works Tansu Warashi - Production I.G.

Anime Mirai 2012 Buta - Telecom Animation Film Wasurenagumo - Production I.G. Shiranpuri - Shirogumi Puka Puka Juju - Answer Studio

Anime Mirai 2013 Ryo - Gonzo Little Witch Academia - Trigger Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yosei-tachi - Zexcs Death Billiards - Madhouse

What is really great about this project and the shows that are being put out is that the effort being put into them are very apparent. The animation and drawings are strong but most important what I love is the depth of the storytelling put into them. Often, anime is used more of just a promotion in to sell toys, manga, and dvds but these shorts don't fall prey to trying to pander to audiences in attempt to get higher ratings. Instead, the art of storytelling and emotions become very prominent in some of the shorts.