Slew of Trailers!

There has been so many trailers of animated movies being posted on the internet this week and it is so exciting as I am looking forward to them!

I was so excited when I saw this. Laika has released the trailer for their new movie, set to come out September 26, 2014! It has taken me forever to watch puppet animated movies such as Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride as they were creepy and not something that I was particularly interested in at the time before I got into the animation field and my perception of stop motion animation was extremely choppy. I did finally watch those movies and fell in love along with being amazed at how fluid the animation was. I loved Paranorman, and even more so when Laika came to give a talk at AAU about the movie and the VFX, so I have been looking forward to the new movie that Laika had under production but was being very secretive about until now. The trailer is beautiful with the textures, animation, and lighting and adorable but sad and then cute and happy all at the the same time.


Frozen has an actual trailer now! It is in Japanese though which is a bit strange that it got released there first but still, so exciting!


Sunny with a Chance of Meatballs 2 has a new trailer out! I love the animation style of Sony as it is hilarious and amazing. Look at those limbs of the characters, they're all jiggly and wiggly without any bones.


Turbo has their third official trailer out. What I find most interesting is the difference of this third trailer to the first one as the render has changed. I remembered that there was a lot of subsurface scatter on the snails in the very first trailer and there's not as much now in this third trailer. I wonder what the animation would be like though, particularly since I loved the animation of the snail and slug in Blue Sky's Epic.