Wesley Vet


It's always good to see what other animation students are doing and achieving. Today we have a short by a small group of graduating students from Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands! Their film is called Substance and is a dark and gritty story about how a man driven insane by the loss of his wife finds an unexpected solution. [vimeo 84024308 w=500 h=281] Quentin Haberham – Story & Animation Direction - vimeo.com/quentinhaberham Bram Vermaas – Story & Technical Direction - vimeo.com/bramvermaas Tim de Haan – Art Direction & Production - vimeo.com/timdehaan Wesley Vet – Animation & Editing - vimeo.com/wesleyvet Rutgher Jousma – Rendering, Lighting, Modeling - vimeo.com/rutgherjousma Esther Diepenhorst – Modeling & Painting - vimeo.com/waffles Dieuwer Feldbrugge – Compositing - vimeo.com/dieuwer

While the rendering/art style isn't exactly my favorite, particularly just finishing up on sort of working on the shorts for Borderlands 2 which this style reminds me of, the style works well for the content and if their aim was a more graphic nature. Of course I would prefer a slightly more realistic rendering, as a texture artist and lighter, that way you can see and showcase the difference of materials in the scene through things such as specularity and reflections and subsurface scatter. The assets don't necessarily have to be painted differently but giving things a proper material can give a visual boost. Lighting wise, while everything is painted in a grungy way to give a sense of the small and dirty kitchen, feels evenly lit and somewhat flat. So much more can be done with the lighting to make the space feel darker, cramped, or more enclosed to reflect the mentality of the man through the use of colors and more dynamic light directions and shadows. I don't have much critique on the animation, there doesn't seem to be any striking errors to me. Looks good!