Whooo~ Here is another one of the short films that I worked on last year and now it's finally online for everyone to watch!

I worked briefly as the texture and lighting lead for the show before I graduated from Academy of Art and had to go off into the real world and try to adult.

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Freelancing in the Animation & VFX Industry with Bryan Woods

Has the idea of freelancing ever crossed your mind? Even a fleeting thought? Yes? Good, you'll want to pay attention then as this will be important if you do end up going down that path.

Thanks to a speaker event held by PixelnautsBryan Woods gave a talk all about freelancing in the animation & vfx industry in what to expect, what it entails, what is required of you, and how to survive it.

Get ready, this is going to be a long one. It's all super important though so a gigantic thank you to Bryan!

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Something to watch - Me!Me!Me!

First, warning. The video is NSFW.

It is Japanese. It is anime style. It is crazy. Once you get past all that though, this music video is amazing. The art is beautiful and the animation is gorgeous. Later on I learned that the video is designed and directed by Hibiki Yoshizaki, who worked on Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, and the animation director is Syuichi Iseki, from Kill la Kill. I can see their influences and am loving it all the more.

Just as interesting, if not more, is how people are speculating how the video is a critique on otaku culture and how it is "killing" people and society. Otaku, for those who don't know, are fanatics, and generically refer to anime/manga fanatics and have a negative connotation due to the stereotype being middle aged men who have no social life, wishes to live in the 2D world, and the only time they are outside of their rooms from watching anime, porn, and whatnot, are to spend their time in Akihabara to spend more insane amounts of money to buy posters, dvds, figurines, body pillows, etc., to fill their room up with.