NIKO and the Sword of Light

Bobby Chiu is one of the people I look to for inspiration and I have been excited about his new project. Working with Kei Acedera they have developed a comic book, NIKO and the Sword of Light. It's not just a comic book though, it is a fully animated comic book for tablets!

'A boy alone in a savage land, fighting the forces of darkness. His people are all but gone, his kingdom destroyed apart from one surviving relic: a magical sword of light that was forged by gods, which will help this lone hero return his land to freedom.'

The story is brought to life with 2D animation by Studio NX,voice acting by Lewis Macleod, and music by DJ Yoda which is quite exciting. Studio NX has some great work for various companies such as Nickelodeon, Bluezoo, and Random House while Lewis Macleod has voiced many EA games such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.

They are looking for people to help back their project on Kickstarter and they have a lot of fancy goodies to offer! The comic book is already halfway through animating but they need help in funding the final parts of the project all the way through so the beautiful animation quality does not drop and completing the production and release of the app. Don't forget to follow the project on their Facebook page to keep up with the news.

Unfortunately the tablet app is currently only for the iPad but hopefully it will come to Android soon after.

Watch the Preview!