Kupa x15 Followup

Here is a followup to my previous post about the Kupa x15 that I was considering but was hesitant and had some additional questions about. Kupa finally answered my email! Sort of. I got a mass message saying "thank you for your interest. Here is a website where you can find some information and order the tablet. Any additional questions will be answered in a followup email". At Dynamism, where the tablet ca be preordered, I've received answers to a few of my questions of graphics card, Windows version, and model number of the processor. I'm not that well versed in computers and hardware so I did some research and consulted a good friend who is more knowledgeable in this area than I. Processor Intel Core i7-3517U 1.9GHz (Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz) Intel Core i5-3317U 1.7GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.0GHz)

Bad. This is the lower end power saving model of the Ivy Bridge processors. The i5 is very lackluster in power, you could do some Photoshop work but things like video editing will not be happening. The i7 will be at least needed, but still it's not great.

Graphics Intel HD 4000

I expected an integrated graphics card and I didn't expect much out of one but the Intel HD 4000 is somewhat mediocre. There's a great improvement with the power for 3D processing but it's just "progress" from previous chips. Said to provide a "base-line gaming experience" the chip has been tested by others with various games. While I may not care entirely all that much about running Skyrim, the result of having to turn the down the settings to the lowest for such a game to be considered playable worries me somewhat at what that may mean for me with 3D work. Other tests by a few users report also report that the chip is subpar and that AMD makes better integrated graphic cards.

This is quite disappointing that this tablet computer may not be up to power that is needed. Unfortunate, but it seems that this computer may no longer meet my needs. While not as convenient as having a computer and tablet as one and elegantly designed, I have started to look back into just getting a good laptop and a regular tablet. Samsung's Galaxy note 10.1 also has pressure sensitivity so that is currently high on my list of options. While I am not in immediate need of a new computer, the Kupa x15 is still only up for preorder and will not ship until March. The additional add-on modules, such as the keyboard dock are not released as of yet.

Kupa x15 Ultranote

I've been needing a new computer as mine is about eight years old. It's a Dell Dimension E520 that has even made it onto commercials where it was asked if your computer is too old and time to upgrade to one of their new fancy laptops. Becoming stronger and stronger, along with their portability, laptops became very tempting.  Then there came tablet pcs, such as the Lenovo Thinkpad. I held off on purchasing one as the tablet pc was quite expensive and my desktop was still in good condition then.  From there tablets started hitting the market with the iPad but unfortunately they were mainly low end consumer items for entertainment and lacked pressure sensitivity that I am enamored with for drawing. While there are some apps and special styli that claim to have pressure sensitivity, they are mostly a pseudo pressure sensitivity that is being derived through a secondary program thus causing lag. I have now hopefully found something that meets my needs, the Kupa x15 Ultranote. From going to CTN I learned that tablets are a great thing to have. They are extremely portable and accessible. Carrying one around in your hand you can make your away around to recruiters and just whip it out and show off some of your work. Being lightweight and easy to handle it is less cumbersome than even bringing out a laptop which than may require difficult navigation with a trackpad. The recruiter or whoever you so happen to be showing your work to can quickly swipe back and forth looking at a gallery of work.

Boasting of being made for professionals, the x15 runs i5 or i7, 128GB SSD, and 8GB of RAM. The 10.1 inch screen is a good standard and large enough size for drawing on hand and much larger than Samsung Galaxy Note's 5.3 inch screen, the only other tablet that I could find with integrated pressure sensitivity. The 10 point multi-touch is great with the Windows8 Metro interface. While not using Wacom technology, the tablet has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. While I would have liked 2048, 1024 is a decent and comparable to Wacom's Bamboo line of tablets. Unfortunately as I never had a chance to actually test one out the functionality is just speculation on my part and hoping that it works well. Unfortunately I have found no sites that goes into detailed depth on review how well the stylus and pressure sensitivity work in programs such as Photoshop of Painter. I was expecting the tablet to be at least $2000 but was pleasantly surprised that the i7 version of the x15 only goes up to $1600 while the lowest end running i5 is at $1100. The prices doesn't state if that is only for the tablet though and how much other components, such as an additional battery and the docking keyboard will cost.

Unfortunately that is the bulk of the stats that are listed but there are still quite a few more things necessary to be known about the tablet. What is the graphics card? What version of Win8 is it running and is it x32 or x64? The model of the processor? Battery life under heavy usage? I have attempted to contact the company for more information but unfortunately have yet to receive a reply.