Autodesk Maya 2015

Maya 2015 features have started to be revealed! I haven't even really used 2014 yet. I'm still back on 2013 due to VRay not initially being supported on 2014 until recently and many of the projects that I am on decide to stick with the 2013 version. Looking at all these new features I'm excited for the 2015 version and maybe will just skip over 2014.

First up is the XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator which can be used to creature hair, fur, or feathers and is the same tool that Disney and Pixar uses. Hair has always been difficult to groom and to groom nicely, even with the Shave and Haircut plugin and from the images that are posted, I am looking forward to this tool. [youtube]

ShaderFX. Primarily described as for generating game effects inside Maya but it will be interesting to see how this can be used as a base to use for more high quality textures. [youtube]

Viewport 2.0 will now have Ptex support and displacement map visualization. Yay! [youtube]

I'm one of those rare few people who like to do UVs and to do it in Maya nonetheless. Now the UV tools have been updated for a more streamline and efficient workflow, such as the "distortion shader" which is similar to the red/green/blue in Headus' UV Layout program. [youtube]