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Academy of Art University Spring Show 2014

Monday, May 19th was the opening of Spring Show! Spring Show this year is being hosted at 2225 Jerrold Ave. San Francisco, CA 94124 and will be open during the week from 10am to 6pm (closed Sundays and Mondays). It's a time where the school displays the best of the students' work from all the different departments which is an amazing sight to see. I never even knew that there was a paper sculpture class. More important than the Spring Show opening is that prior in the day is when Career Day happens and all the graduating students anxiously wait in line to interview with many various companies, such as Disney, Laika, Blizzard, Dreamworks, Method Studios, etc., that come. Since I'm not graduating yet I'm not actually allowed to be interviewed but I volunteered as a runner partially in hopes of being able to speak briefly and get to know more recruiters. Apparently the Laika recruiter, Anna Kvorning, saw my work in the show and liked it and asked for me in person so when I arrived ready to volunteer I was immediately whisked off to wait in line for an interview. I was freaking out while waiting in line as I was prepared to be volunteering and running around so I was not dressed formally enough as I usually would for an interview and I had no tablet to show my work on. Everything ended up goig well though and I guess I was allowed this one interview since it wasn't actually for hire but Ms. Kvorning just wanted to talk and tell me about the fall internship opportunity.

An extremely cool feature at the animation and vfx exhibit is that some of the posters have been augmented with an "augmented reality browser app" called Aurasma. It is available on both iOS and Andriod. Download the app, and search for the AAU channel and follow the channel. Use the app on the poster and it will sync with the camera and begin playing the video on top! You can move around and the video will be tracked to the poster.

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I Just Won Spring Show 2014

Spring Show is kind of a big deal here at the Academy of Art University. It's the one time of year where students submit their work to be judged by a panel of instructors if it will be admitted into the show. The school rents out the Palace of Fine Arts here in San Francisco and displays all the students' work at a public event. More importantly, the school pays studios to send their recruiters to the event to look at all the work and interview selected individuals at career day to be hired. For the animation and visual effects department, we have an early screening of our work since it's video based and the awards for the winners and runner-ups were given out. My submission for Umbra place me first for feature lighting! I've been extremely busy working on multiple films directed by others so I didn't have time to work on anything personal so I was somewhat disappointed that I wouldn't have anything to submit to Spring Show this year. Especially since I saw all the amazing work last year and wanted to get in this year. It wasn't until a week before the deadline that I realized that I could submit the trailer that I lit for Umbra back in the fall semester! I was excited to start putting together a video that I could submit only to realize that the submission needs to be in 1080p while I rendered everything previously in 720p. I have less than 1 week to re-render everything at the higher resolution and there were shots that took up to 4 hours per frame.

It was a terrible day for me for the screening to happen though. I was starting to get sick earlier that week and it hit really hard that day. I was not pretty with my sore throat and stuffy nose and was pretty light headed throughout the screening.

Thanks to Cal Williams, the director and animator. Thanks to Aaron Wright, the texture artist. Thanks to Elaine Kubik, the dynamics artist.

To the teams that I had the pleasure of working with, congratulations to Snake and Fox team for winning runner-up in the 3d Short Film category and to the Crows team for winning runner-up in VFX Short Film! Congratulations to Ilgı Çandar and Patrick Bramley for winning Compositing Congratulations to Daniela Flamm Jackson for runner-up in Compositing Congratulations to Erik Fräki for runner-up in Motion Graphics Congratulations to Beibei Gu for winning 3D Texturing Congratulations to GunSic Kim for runner-up in Feature Lighting

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AAU Spring Show 2013

The AAU Spring Show, hosted at the Palace of Fine Arts, was amazing and inspiring. Congratulations to all those who got their work in! I unfortunately did not have anything in the show, as being my first year here, was unprepared. I was hoping to at least see my name on posters for some of the collaboratives I am working on but unfortunately no. I am looking forward to stepping up my game and getting something in to the spring show for next year, maybe I'll even try submitting some illustrations!All the work was amazing but here are some of the highlights to my evening. First, giant apologies to those artworks that I don't have an artist name attached to as I didn't get a chance to copy down and match the two together. The ones I do know the artist of is because I know them personally, so yay! First up is an amazing drawing of Tim Burton that won best in show for the Foundations department. There was also another amazing drawing of Hugh Laurie as Gregory House but it appears that I do not have a photograph of it; probably because someone was in the way and I forgot to go back to it. burton

I love Disney and was excited to see this amazing bust of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Following are a turtle head, by Joseph Jordan, and Kerchak from Tarzan, by Charles Larrieu. beastturtlekershak

I was painting textures for "Ruslan and Ludmilla" at one point so this skull caught my eye with its detail and textures. skull

This next sculpture, titled "Give it back!" first initially caught my eye with the neat textures that made up the body of the orange and yellow character. I also love how it tells a little story. give_it_back

The set and puppets of "Frog Bar", a puppet animation that is currently under production. frog_bar

An absolutely amazing macquette by Tatiana Samoylova that was the runner up winner in the maquette category of the show. It took her, I believe, 80 hours and 12 pounds of Super Sculpty to craft the maquette. She layered all the fur for the bear strand by strand! The hard work shows and clearly has paid off. werebear

Some amazing oil paintings. I love the physicality of the brushstrokes. It made me miss my oil paints but then I remembered that I hated those things. They were a mess, smelly, and a hassle. I prefer digital painting even though I do lose the nice tactile quality of working with physical materials. portrait2portrait

A lovely illustration of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. It reminds me a lot of Marta Dahlig's work. Particularly that giant circle thing in the back which reminds me of Marta's Deadly Sin series but is, I feel, somewhat uncalled for here other than it looks pretty. ariel

Adorable "Golden Coral Dragon"! This reminds me somewhat of Bobby Chiu's work but still, amazing and adorable. coral_dragon

Always love the fantasy genre and so here is a very cool forest guardian that caught my eye. forest_guardian

A character sheet for a short called "Tequila Rescue". I'm not sure who did this specific artwork, again extremely sorry, but it is for the thesis project of Rudy Waldstein and is about how a little chihuahua thinks it is a big saint bernard rescue dog. tequila