Whooo~ Here is another one of the short films that I worked on last year and now it's finally online for everyone to watch!

I worked briefly as the texture and lighting lead for the show before I graduated from Academy of Art and had to go off into the real world and try to adult.

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Something AMAZING

SOAR, by Alyce Tzue, just received the gold medal for the Student Academy Awards

I had the wonderful opportunity to work on this film as a texture artist and then one of the lighting leads. Congratulations to Alyce Tzue and to the rest of the crew! I wish I could have made the trip down to L.A. and celebrated with everyone.

Also, congratulations to the other Student Academy Award Winners.
An Object at Rest
Taking the Plunge

The Student Academy Awards are a huge honor and a massive achievement. However, it doesn't just stop there! SOAR is qualified for Oscar nominations so here's me crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Hey Alyce, is SOAR finally going to be public on the interwebs for everyone to see and share now? :D

Animation Show of Shows Kickstarter

The Animation Show of Shows is one of my favorite screenings. Ron Diamond travels around the world and takes impressive short films that may not be easily seen due to lack of distribution and shares them with other enthusiasts of the animation medium. It is always eye opening to see what others are doing in this field, not just with narrative storytelling but also with just using animation as an art form to purely express

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Aria for a Cow - That's a wrap!

I started working on this film back in the summer of 2014 through until around February-ish 2015. Now the film has finished and it is going around the festival circuit! We premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival and next Aria will be going to the Palm Springs International Shorts Fest (June 16-22) and also Anima Mundi in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro: July 10-15, Sao Paulo July 17-22). Hopefully Aria can make her way up to Seattle as I would love to show my friends whom I've started on this animation and vfx journey with some of what I have accomplished.

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